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Cincinnati FSG Camp Recap

Cincinnati FSG Camp Recap

Round 2 of the OHIO VS MICHIGAN FUTURE STARS GAME takes place this summer. With impressive performances last year versus Michigan, Team Ohio looks to use that built up momentum into this summer’s event between the 2 states. After watching the 1st tryout I would say that the 6TH grade team may have more talent this yr than last year’s team who put up a whopping 40-0 victory over Team Michigan.


A few of our 6th grade top performers from this weekend’s tryout camp are Talon Fisher a 6’0 left handed QB who can sling it with the best of them. He looked real poised in 7on7 drills completing 1 of the better balls you will see thrown by hitting a WR on a wheel route. Another top performer on 6th grade was Charles Johnson aka lil Triggs (camp director son). Charles is nice sized athlete who likes to play aggressive, physical man press coverage. Charles took on the challenge of covering older kids as well as understanding man and zone concepts. These 2 kids I’m really excited about are TJ Engleman and Ryan Cooley. They have played together for the last 2 years with 1 of the better organizations in Cincinnati “Winton Woods Rams” TJ is a smooth playmaker behind the helm. His development as a passer isn’t to be slept on either, but make no mistake he looked apart this weekend. Ryan Cooley may have the most upside of all the 6th graders. He is a long athlete who didn’t shy away from competing vs older kids. At 6’0 Cooley looks to become an elite target for team Ohio. We also liked what we saw from a kid named Daniel Oboroh. Daniel is a center, yes I said center but he stood out in lineman drills with nice footwork & good technique. Also watch out for speedster Mikell Dorn, he may be small in build but he is extremely fast. He had a very good camp.


On the 7th grade side you can mention 7th grade without 2 players who shined in last year’s game and those 2 are Cap Davis and CJ Hester. Hester won the offensive MVP as he shredded team Michigan all day. He has some of the most memorable runs that I can recall. Cap Davis is the smooth leader who just led the team all game then when came his time he used that blazing speed he is known for to break loose for Team Ohio. These 2 didn’t look like they missed a beat during tryouts. They competed at a very high level. The newcomer & may be the scariest of all is a kid name Breohn Ishmain. This kid is 6’2 can run & jump with the best of them. His size with the ability to high point the ball separates him from the avg 7th grader. Also watch out for Lorenzo Hudson and Anthony Southerland 2 skillful fast athletes. Lorenzo is 6’1 wr who owns a long stride that’s hard to catch with once he gets to moving. Anthony Southerland is a hot shot DB with blazing speed. Southerland’s speed allows him to press up on WRs with no fear of getting beat. He was another who excelled covering older kids.


Now it’s time for the big boys THE 8TH GRADERS & we had a few guys such as Aaron Wallace, Jeremiah Anderson, JJ Ruffin, Tyreke Spikes, Garrett Patterson. These 5 guys had an exceptional camp showing starting with Jeremiah Anderson and Aaron Wallace. I think these 2 kids wake up competing vs each other. I’ve never seen 2 kids push each other the way they do. Both are similar in build but what separates them is their natural ability to lead along w being the 2 fastest kids at the combine helps. Jeremiah is a pure speed guy w good size who dazzled in 7on7. Aaron is a speed guy but he is a hitter. Tryouts really don’t do this kid any favors being that he likes to stick his nose in there. Tyreke Spikes & Garrett Patterson also competed at a high level. They both have the heart of a lion and neither will back down from competition. JJ Ruffin is an intriguing athlete, we believe once JJ begins to mature with the game of football we may see JJ playing on Sunday. Yes this kid’s ceiling is that high. With all that being said the BEST OVERALL PERFORMER GOES TO GILBERAN PAYNE. Payne is a mixture of power and speed. Payne had the best times in all drills. Then he put on a show in 7on7 with his ability to make people miss in the open field at his size. I’m excited to see Payne he a physical specimen as a 13 yr kid. Can’t leave out the likes of Buddy Ellerbe, Todd Hayes Jr., Jaron Gibson and another newcomer Derrick Lawson. All these kids had great camps as well.


If Columbus has the same type of athletes at the upcoming tryout on March 11th, it may not look too promising for Team Michigan.

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