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Team Georgia 2017 – Offensive Line Breakdown

Team Georgia 2017 – Offensive Line Breakdown

As we are approaching the 2017 Florida-Georgia Future Stars Game, we will take a look and break down the position groups each week for Team Georgia. This game has seen a tremendous amount of top notch talent at all position groups and this year should be no different.
This week we will look at Team Georgia offensive linemen. Football is won in the trenches and Georgia is known for producing some talented offensive linemen. Here we take a look at the position for each grade:

6th Grade
The key to Team Georgia success this year will be how well these guys perform. Not as deep and talented as some of the other position groups, but should have enough talent to get the job done. The best of the group may be Camden Kopsick, who walked away with the Cobb Camp MVP. Gatlin Hancock of Silver Creek may be the key as he has that nasty disposition that could set the tone in practice for the entire group. At 5-8 and 205lbs Jimarion Belvin of Lithonia will have to have a good week for Team Georgia to be successful. Others to watch would be Khayri Mapson and Keegan Leboeuf.
7th Grade
This 7th grade group of offensive linemen is not deep, but it is an extremely talented group. As a group they average a little over 200lbs. Led by 6-3 and 255lbs Jeremiah Hood out of Rex. Hood has the size, agility and talent to be playing this game for a long time. One of his mates is Drake Hatcher of Austell, standing 6-0 and 200lbs, but is a technician on the offensive line. Jalen Jordan and Shawn Young are very talented with great work ethic. Brennan Tillery walked away with the Cedartown Camp MVP because of his never quit attitude, heart and pure determination. If the group gels quickly, they would be a force in the game.
8th Grade
We will start by simply saying this group of 8th graders average 6ft 2in tall and 248lbs. There are not many high school in the state of Georgia that can say that. This group is so deep and talented that as many as 8 of them have SEC level size and talent potential. Starting with the three headed monster in George Jackson(6-3 300lbs) of Lithonia, Weston Franklin(6-2 255lbs) of Jesup, and Zachary Cleveland(6-3 230lbs) of Albany. These guys are big, physical and technically sound. Throw in Jacob Rush(6-2 240lbs) of Cedar town and Tiran Street(6-1 220lbs) of Albany and you have 5 players that could start in high school right now. Several other very good offensive linemen include Beau Shugarts(6-3 200lbs) of Evans who was the Cedartown Camp MVP, as well as James Forbes(6-0 250lbs) of Fayetteville make of part of a very deep and talented offensive line group.
In 2017, this 7th and 8th grade group of offensive linemen could rival any group to date as far as pure talent.

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  • Tiffanni Forbes
    May 18, 2017 7:33 pm

    That’s what you call a LINE. The is James Forbes first appearance, but don’t sleep this brother has got fast hands and feet!!!

  • Michelle Grembowski
    December 21, 2017 10:06 pm

    Hi Val-
    Just now seeing this great article, is there a way to correct the spelling of my sons name. You guys spelled it Caden Kopstick when it should be Camden Kopsick. Just thinking of the google searches and whatnot. Thanks again!