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Team Georgia 2017 – QB Breakdown

Team Georgia 2017 – QB Breakdown

As we are approaching the 2017 Florida-Georgia Future Stars Game, we will take a look and break down the position groups each week for Team Georgia.  This game has seen a tremendous amount of top notch talent at all position groups and this year should be no different.

This week we will start of by evaluation Team Georgia quarterbacks.  Historically, this has been a very strong position that has produced some stars for Team Georgia, none bigger than the 2018 number 1 player in the country Trevor Lawrence(Clemson commit), who was a 3 time Future Stars Game participant and his teammate 2018 5 star QB and Ohio State commit Emory Jones.  Other top players that were selected to Team Georgia as quarterbacks are Auburn Tiger receiver  Kyle Davis,  4 star QBs Lorenzo Nunez and Zerrick Cooper of South Carolina and Clemson respectively.  Indiana rising star Andre Brown, who switched to corner and started there as a freshman.  And a budding star Mike Wright in the class of 2020. Here are the 2017 QBs

6th Grade
There are two very different but extremely talented QBs on this 6th grade team.  Reginald Johnson of Atlanta has that star quality that Future Stars has come to know.  Athletic, good height, good mechanics, very good arm strength and a big time play maker.  He has blue chip prospect potential.  Hayden Clark of Cumming is a QB that will turn a lot of heads.  He stands high in the pocket, makes great decisions and has a very good arm.  He can make every throw you can expect a kid to make at this age group. This is definitely a positive spot for the 6th grade team.

7th Grade
The issue with the 2017 7th grade team was not who would make the team, but who would get left out.  This group is star studded.  None as exciting, and as dominant at Devin Farrell out of Stockbridge.  It is rare that you find a kid with his poise in the pocket, but once he pulls the ball down, he is a threat to score every time.  But, make no mistake, Devin is not a running QB that makes every first defender miss, he is a passing QB that can run.   Banks Atkins of Roswell is a technician that put on a show at FSG camp.  He made every throw with great velocity and great decision making.  The kid is definitely a person that turned it on as the competition got tougher. Then you have Myles Morris of Villa Rica, another dual threat QB with great size, and an excellent arm.  You can expect all of these guys to be big time college recruits.

8th Grade
You have two extremely talented, but opposite QBs for Team Georgia 8th Grade.  First you have Chauncey Magwood.  He is the ultimate athlete and competitor that makes plays at QB because he is just that talented of an athlete.  With a very strong arm and good football IQ, he could be a deadly QB in the modern read option offenses, or switch to another skill position and be just as talented.  Definitely one of the most talented kids in the state of Georgia.  Austin Smith is your ideal QB.  Tall, poised, smart, great arm, athletic and a kid that is a natural leader.  He is diverse enough to be successful running QB, but would thrive in a pro style offense.

In 2017 you truly have quarterbacks for Team Georgia that a talented and definitely kids that will be on recruiting radars very soon.

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    May 20, 2017 1:30 pm

    Do you have one in Florida

  • Stephine
    May 20, 2017 1:31 pm

    My son likes playing this when can he come

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    January 18, 2018 2:54 am

    Hello. I am interested in this for my son. Can you please email the 2018 game schedule ?