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The Best from Albany Camp

The Best from Albany Camp

Yesterday we looked at Savannah area and today we take a look at the best of FSG from the Albany camp. FSG camps have been in Albany since the inception of the game and it has proved to be a fruitful relationship. Here is a look at some of the best from that area to play in FSG.

5. Courtney Williams – Courtney was a big and smooth wide receiver that demonstrated all of the tools at an early age. He ran good routes, smooth hands and a great attitude. He continued to demonstrate these skills that turned into a successful high school career for the class of 2018 graduate. He signed a football scholarship to Georgia State this month.

4. Baron Hopson – Hopson has the potential to be the top player on this list in a few years. He is a well put together linebacker, with speed and great size that could make him one of the premier linebackers in the state of Georgia. He has the ability to make plays from sideline to sideline, and athletic enough to be excellent in the passing game covering backs and tight ends. He will be a star in the class of 2021.

3. Charles King – King has potential to be one of the top defensive line recruits in Georgia in his class.  He has a great center of gravity with a nice frame. He is such an impressive looking player, during our visit with the University of Georgia coaches, we were asked “who is that” as the coaches pointed to King.  With his frame, attitude and ability, we definitely expect him to be a power 5 conference recruit.

2. Brentavious Glanton – Glanton was your no-nonsense, lunch-pale interior defensive lineman.  He was a quiet, but effective player with excellent technique at a young age.  He used his technique and football IQ to always find himself in the right place and making a play.  He was not flashy, but you look at the stat sheet and he ends up a leading tackle.  This technique and his football IQ landed the class of 2015 graduate a scholarship to play at Georgia Tech.

1. Chauncey Magwood – Magwood has the rare combination of size and athletic ability that makes him one of the top athletes on the field, capable of starting at any position. In the practices leading up to the 2017 game, Magwood was at QB and told the coach he thought he could be the best receiver on the team.  We told the coach, he probably could.  After practice, the coach approached us and stated, “he is the best receiver on the team”.  That is the type of talent Magwood has.  Likely to end up the most recruited FSG player from the Albany area as he may be a top 10 player in the state when he is done with high school.

There are several other players from the Albany area that could make this list like 4 time FSG participant Preston Simmons, Devontae Seay, Ronald Wilson, Karon Allen, Landon Quarles, Mark Robinson and Trey Effort to name a few.  This weekend will we find some talent at the Albany camp that will be added to this list in the future.  The camp is Sunday February 25th at Lee County High School.  You can still register now at www.futurestarsgame.com

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