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Top Performers from Michigan-Ohio Game

Top Performers from Michigan-Ohio Game

Future Stars Game held its first ever Michigan-Ohio Future Stars Game this weekend in Ann Arbor.   The middle school students got a chance to stay on campus at the University of Michigan leading up to the game on Saturday.  Though Ohio came out on top of all 3 games, there were some players on both teams that are names to watch in the future.

Emoni Steele (7th) –  Steele is a running back as good as any in the country.  The kid is compact with great balance, power and speed.  He is a kid with a great attitude and leadership qualities.  Steele was the best player on the field and looked like a man playing amongst boys.  With his build and attitude, he is very likely to be one of the top, if not the top RB in the country in high school.  Look for big things from this Cincinnati native.

Michale Wingfield (8th) – Wingfield is a dual threat QB that has nice arm strength with top notch athleticism to help him to extend plays.  He can make defenders miss with uncanny ability, but keeps his eyes down the field looking to pass and make plays with his arm.  He does a good job of looking to 2nd and 3rd options. The Cincinnati 8th grader will be fun to watch in high school.

Myles Wills (7th) – The 6-2 and 260lbs offensive lineman is a dominate lineman who is a joy to watch play. The Springfield native is very athletic for a kid his size, with good speed and lateral movement.  But, as a lineman he is maybe the most dominant offensive lineman we have seen the last 2 weeks in the Future Stars Games.  He doesn’t just block defenders, he dominates them.

Justyn Clark (6th) – The 200lbs defensive lineman from Twin Lake Michigan, is a terror on the defensive line.  He has a great feel for the game and an explosive first step.  He packs a punch with his first step and changes the line of scrimmage on every snap. He has the power to bull rush, the quickness to beat the double team and the desire to finish the play.

Dante Moore (6th) – The Detroit native is a quarterback with a grasp of the game beyond his years.  He has a good arm and good touch.  He throws a very accurate deep ball and had 2 touchdowns dropped on deep passes.  But, he is more than a youth quarterback throwing nothing but go routes.  He has a quick release on bubble screens and quick routes.  A strong arm when throwing over the middle.  Moore is the most complete QB at this young age we have seen.

Hezekiah Davis (6th) – Davis carried on the pattern in the Future Stars Game for 6th graders, the team with the best running back seems to always win the 6th grader game.  And Davis completed dominated this game scoring at will it seems.   With power and speed, Davis definitely belongs on the list with the great RBs from the Florida-Georgia 6th grade games over the past 5 years. If he pans out like those guys, look for big things, and he deserves to be mentioned in the group that includes, Rico Frye(top 2017 Ga RB), James Cook(FSU commit top RB in country), Amari Daniels(top ranked 8th grade RB in country), James Smiley and Quinterrio Lawson.



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  • Coach Rashad A Debose, 6th Grade Team Ohio!
    June 26, 2017 4:57 pm

    Cant wait to do it again next year! O_H………..

  • Emoni Steele
    October 16, 2017 3:24 pm

    we gone show out next year for ohio again

  • Vincent
    January 18, 2018 4:01 pm

    This was awesome. My son loved being on Campus. All the experiences he had were amazing to him. He can’t wait to make #TeamMichigan again this year!!! Do any Centers get recognition???