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Class of 2027 - Top 12 Receivers

Future Stars continues with a preview of players that could be in the Georgia Class of 2027 Top 100 when it is released this summer. We have previewed the quarterbacks, running backs and now we are releasing the receivers. We are still evaluating players, so this could change as camp season begins and more players get evaluated.

In our initial preview, our committee's consensus on the top receiver in 2027 for right now is Jaden Upshaw from Albany Georgia. Jaden is a match up nightmare as a receiver, Already, standing 6-1 as an 8th grader and with great top end speed, he is hard to defend. He runs good routes and tracks the ball well in the air, which has landed him in the top spot. The receivers' group can expect to change as kids get to high school and get more exposed to passing offenses and new names emerge. You know who we have at the top, here are the rest of our top 12 receivers for the class of 2027. 1. Jaden Upshaw - Merry Acres

2. London Goggans - Grayson

3. Rilee Drew - Grayson 4. Emerson Lewis (pictured) - Calvary Day

5. Roscoe Hayes - Falcons United

6. Davis Moncus - Lagrange

7. Jalen Hicks - Calvary Day

8. Quindarius Davis - Atlanta

9. Anthony Gideon - Liberty

10. Jordan Bogar - Eddie White Middle 11. Trentin Patton - Midland 12. Keyon Sandifer - Athens

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