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Class of 2027 - Georgia Top 12 Running Backs

Updated: Mar 10, 2023

As the Future Stars Game prepares to release our initial top 100 players in the class of 2027, we will now take a look at running backs in the state of Georgia for the class of 2027. We are still evaluating players, so this could change as camp season begins and more players get evaluated.

There was a little battle among our staff for the top RB spot, but as of this first release, our top RB is Quinterrious “Moonie” Gipson. Moonie is one of the most complete football players in this class. He could easily be the top RB in this class or go on defense and be the top linebacker. He is that kind of kid. You know who we have at the top, here are the rest of our top 12 running backs for the class of 2027.

1. Quinterrious “Moonie” Gipson – Rex Mill

2. Jerry Beard – North Gwinnett

3. Darius White – Falcons United

4. Mikel Stephens - Gainesville

5. Noah Merriweather(pictured) – Warren County

6. Jakeyveon Parker - Macon County

7. Brayden Tyson – Falcons United

8. Deron Foster - Valdosta

9. Messiah Satterwhite - Carrollton

10. Amere White – North Clayton

11. Brayden Stoker – Gordon Lee

12 Cameron Wilkerson – Columbia Middle

13. Kevin Caldwell - Parkview

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