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Georgia Class of 2027 - Top Offensive Linemen

Updated: Feb 28, 2023

Future Stars continues with a preview of players that could be in the Georgia Class of 2027 Top 100 when it is released this summer. We have previewed the offensive skill positions, here are some of the offensive linemen to be on the lookout for. We are still evaluating players, so this could change as camp season begins and more players get evaluated, especially the linemen as man of them don't have good film to evaluate.

In our initial preview, our committee's consensus on the top offensive lineman in Georgia is big Kelsey Adams of 6North Clayton Middle School. Adams is an incredibly imposing figure. Already standing 6-5 and almost 300lbs, he is the prototype for an SEC offensive tackle. He is very athletic for a young man his size.

Here are some other linemen in Georgia.

1. Kelsey Adams - North Clayton

2. Gabriel Prince - Prince Ave

3. Tim Harvey (Pictured) - Edwards Middle 4. Rylan Robertson - Falcons United

5. Will Schuh - St. Francis

6. Kwame Green - Stephenson

7. Kyson Mallard - Albany 8. Justin Dulcio-Weeks - Eddie White

9. Jacoby Bryant - Warner Robins

10. Kaleb Noel - Creekside

11. Corrice Spears - Cedar Grove

12. Abram Eisenhower - Valdosta

13. Jayden Dowda - Cedartown

14. Amir Fernandez - Central Dekalb

15. Kareem Cobb - Cedar Grove

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