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Team Georgia Week 1 Recap

The first weekend of camps are in the books for Team Georgia. The first weekend included a camp at Bacon Park in Savannah and traveling to Valdosta for a camp on Sunday.

This is a great time of the year as, Future Stars gets to travel and find new star athletes to introduce to the world. Though the turnout in both Savannah and Valdosta was not as big as some in the past, there were definitely some athletes to keep your eyes on at both camps.

The 6th grade groups this weekend were probably the ones most affected by the smaller than normal turnout. Team Georgia 6th grade team will have to depend heavily on the upcoming camps, but we do have higher than normal registration numbers at some upcoming camps for the 6th graders. Prentiss McMullen was a bright spot in this age group from the weekend. Though a smaller athlete, he had a very good frame, quickness and competitive spirit. Will be interesting to watch him compete with his peer group this summer. We have no doubt he will not back down.

6th Grade MVP

Savannah - Prentiss McMullen

Valdosta - Collin Tillman

The 7th grade group provided a lot of bang for your buck this weekend. There were lots of kids at both camps that may be contributors for Team Georgia this summer. Lavis Hudson from Valdosta should be a very good asset for Team Georgia. Excellent athelete with good speed that could contribute on either side of the ball at WR or in the secondary. Out of Richmond Hill, Caelyn Menzie is definitely a kid to watch. He has a great physique and skill set and plays the game with a physical mentality. As he continues to grow, the sky is the limit for this kid.

Some other top performers from this weekend include Braylon Neal. This kid is new to the game of football, but his ceiling is extremely high. With his size, speed and athletic ability, he has the potential to be a future 5 star linebacker. Caden Jones of Savannah showed a lot potential at defensive back with patience and very solid coverage skills. Abraham Eisenhower, Jett Terrell, Jaelyn Hicks and Emerson Lewis were a few other players that had good camps the first weekend and put them in a good position to possibly have their name called when the 7th grade team is announced.

7th Grade MVP

Savannah - Caelyn Menzie

Valdosta - Lazavis Hudson

In the 8th grade group we saw Team Georgia get off to a great start building both offensive and defensive lines, as there were intense battles both days with the linemen groups. Kameron Cody of Savannah is a lineman to keep an eye on in the future. This 280lbs kid is explosive with speed to run with skill players. He has a good motor and competitive spirit, to go along with his physical play. Not to be outdone in Valdosta, Edwin Burt of Douglas Georgia showed determination, quickness, grit and the fight that could take him a long way as possibly an interior defensive lineman on the next level.

From Bloomingdale, Isaiah Redmond was not to be outdone at this weekend's camps. Redmond is an extremely aggressive, physical and athletic linebacker that showed off his full array of skills this weekend. Not to be ignored looking at the big physical players, Timere Brown and Daimir Hicks both showed that they are potentially next level defensive backs, both showing speed, smarts and excellent coverage ability.

This weekend's 8th grade group could provide a lot of players to be named to the 2022 Team Georgia roster, some of which have not been covered in this article. Overall Team Georgia 8th grade got off to a great start this weekend.

8th Grade MVP

Savannah - Isaiah Redmond

Valdosta - Edwin Burt

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