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Class of 2027 Georgia Top 100 Preview - Running Backs

Future Stars Game position preview of top prospect in Georgia's class of 2027 takes a look at some running backs that you could see when we release the top 100 player in Georgia. You can expect to see some of these players playing on Saturdays and Sundays in the future.

We will preview each position group with possible players you could see in the final rankings. Today we preview the running backs. Georgia has a very deep crop of elite running backs in the class of 2027 and any of them could end up the top of the class.

Here is an alphabetical look at just a few that you may see in our Top 100 rankings for the class of 2027.

Andrew Beard - He is a one cut guy that knows how to put his foot in the ground and get north and south. He has the ability to make defenders miss without a lot of wasted movement. Every time he touches the ball, he runs with authority and purpose.

Quinterrius "Moonie" Gipson - He is a guy that is fun to watch. He plays with energy and passion. He has the unique skill set and mind frame to play a grueling physical type of game, or a wide open fast paced game. He is an elite player and total package.

Noah Merriweather of Thomas could be described in one word, explosive. Noah is a back with elite speed and ability to score from anywhere on the field at any time. He has good vision and balance. In today's wide-open game, he has the potential to be a game changer.

Mikel Stephen - The kid from Gainesville, Georgia is one that almost never lets the first man bring him down. He finishes every run, and uncanny balance and strength that allows him to break tackles most couldn't. He has good top end speed, so once in open field he outruns defenders to the endzone.

Darius White(pictured above) - White is a combination of speed and power. He already has the frame to start in high school as he is built rock solid with a very powerful lower base. He is an every down back that will wear a defense out early in a game, creating big plays late.

These are just some players our staff will evaluate for the top 100. Here are just some additional players we are evaluating, and you could see in the top 100 as this Georgia group is deep at this position. Evaluations are ongoing.

Kevin Caldwell - Parkview

Deron Foster - Valdosta Jakeyveon Parker - Macon County Brayden Tyson - Bay Creek

Amere White - North Clayton

Cameron Wilkerson - Columbia Middle

You could expect to see some of these guys in the 2023 Future Stars Game. Check out the previous previews: Quarterbacks

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